When you order from Neil Young’s webstore (fulfilled by Warner Music Group), you may never receive your package

NY/WMG is currently 0 for 3.

I purchased an LP box set and a single LP from Neil Young’s site in June. The items shipped in late July and early August.

The box set immediately disappeared in UPS’s oddly-named “Mail Innovations” maelstrom.

The replacement shipment was, finally, after much back-n-forth with customer service, sent in mid-August.

That shipment bounced around from Southern California, to the midwest, and then to (yes) Dubai UAE. Don’t ask me why.

It sat in Dubai for nearly a week, cleared customs, and landed in Kentucky.
Then it was sent to fucking Canada.

I still don’t have the box set. By now I assume it’s in shreds from going to the other side of the world and back. Reopening the ticket with WMG resulted in a reply, 3 days later, that the issue is “escalated.”

What passes for “customer service” at WMG is a very weak joke. Today I told them to credit my card, or I’m going to file a chargeback.

Another LP order has been sitting at UPS depot in Fontana, California for about 20 days. Similar “servicing” from WMG on that one, too.

I regret ever giving Neil Young’s mailorder site my money.

It won’t happen again.

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