I’m selling components

I’ve slowly come to the realization that my ears don’t hear all that hot anymore, and my speakers and amplifier (especially) are far too large and powerful for my living room — and my ears.

I’m selling my Pass Labs X250.8 power amp and my Acoustic Zen Crescendo MkII speakers. I’m only entertaining offers from locals who live in and near the San Francisco Bay area, because I refuse to ship stuff. FedEx destroyed a power conditioner shipped to the East coast earlier in 2022, and UPS mishandled a DAC shipped out that way, as well.

The Pass amp can be found on usaudiomart.com.

I’m also considering selling my PS Audio DirectStream DAC w/Bridge II. I’ll post here when it goes on the market.

What am I replacing these things with? Some downmarket things I’ve had in storage — temporarily.

I’m looking at Zu Audio Dirty Weekends to replace the Crescendos, and a First Watt J2 to replace the Pass.

Other shuffles and sales and trades will follow.

I’ll keep you informed. Because I know you care.