I can’t recommend buying physical formats from Deepchord / Echospace

I’ve been a fan of the Echospace collective for at least ten years. Its music kept me semi-sane during frequent BART trips into SF, especially the portion when the trains clattered and screeched under the bay.

In mid-May of this year, the label offered a DVD packed with .wav files entitled Sequential Space. It promised shipping by May 28, with delivery by the end of the first week of June.

By the second week of June, nothing had arrived. I sent an inquiry to the label via Bandcamp.

No reply.

I opened a dispute with PayPal, requesting a new ETA from the label.


Bandcamp suggested I escalate the issue.

I did.

Today, over six weeks since I ordered the item, and nearly a month after the DVD was due to arrive, PayPal managed to wrest a refund from Echospace.

At no time did the label answer any of my politely-worded requests about the status of the order. Availability of the DVD format has been removed from the album’s Bandcamp page (although it is still described in detail), with no explanation.

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