Janet Feder review on Part-Time Audiophile

20150330_daliophoto__DSC7602-CMy favorite recording this year was Janet Feder’s T H I S C L O S E.

Read all about it on Part-Time Audiophile.

I’ve heard this album on LP, CD, FLAC and DSD, and listened to the transcoded MP3s on an iPad. I’ve played the CD on repeat in my truck’s trusty mid-fi Rockford Fosgate system, and streamed it to my backyard patio’s cheap Polk “weather-resistant” speakers. The 5.1 SACD mix, when it arrives, will test the mettle of what passes for my home theatre system. It’ll all be good. Great, even. You don’t need an audiophile pile of hardware to appreciate Janet’s music, but if you need something new and unique to show off your fancy-pants system, this is it.

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