Geek Pulse DAC – Little or No QA or QC?

After shipping it back to LH Labs last week, I heard back about my Geek Pulse X DAC today:

Repair Technician Comments:
Resistors have been added for proper boot-up
Verified Main and MCU are both up to date
Passes all tests including AP test and listening test

Resistors, after all, not really being optional.

Or perhaps I should have upgraded the unit with the “resistors” perk back in January?

LH Labs apparently let at least one unit out the door without testing it. I wonder if there’s others.

I understand it’s a busy company, with a hectic shipping schedule, and the whole wild-west crowdfunding thing.

But before a piece of electronic equipment leaves the building, it should be tested. This is an unacceptably sloppy way of manufacturing and shipping merchandise.