Kerry Leimer Archive Release

kleimer_032714In the early eighties, Kerry Leimer’s Closed System Potentials LP was a soundtrack for all sorts of unhealthy activities on my part. His work seemed like a logical (and very hazy) expansion on a lot of the ideas on Eno’s Ambient 4: On Land. The LP pressings were atrocious, but somehow the surface noise just became part of the ozone-y landscapes. Good times.

Subsequent releases dabbled in more melodic flora, including some forays into Bush Of Ghosts territory.

There’s good news in the dissipated kingdom: RVNG is putting together a compilation of unreleased K. Leimer material. There will be a double LP, a limited colored-vinyl double LP, and a budget ($11 mailorder) double CD. I’m hoping the music is of the more atmospheric, less structured variety. Come home, Kerry, we have been waiting for you.