December 2020 archive

Things I Liked During 2020

Kate Burkart “Twisted Wind” FLAC (Luckystar, US) Svengali/conflict-of-interest alert: Kate‘s my partner. Like all musicians, she misses practicing with her band, and playing live. Being homebound, however, just means you have to get creative — both with your art, and ways to go about ensuring it’s heard. This song was born on acoustic guitar via …

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Harold Budd (1936 – 2020)

Harold Budd died yesterday from complications due to contracting COVID-19 during his recovery from a stroke in early November. He was 84. I was entranced by Pavilion of Dreams when I first heard it in 1980, a couple years after its release. Later, his two collaborative albums with Eno were an awakening, and his solo …

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Kate Burkart “Twisted Wind”

My partner is Kate Burkart. She’s a musician and a mom. She’s many other things, including my sweetheart. Together, we try to make sense of the world, and our lives, since March 2020. COVID-19 has affected so many, in so many different ways. We feel fortunate that we and our loved ones are healthy, and …

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