March 2018 archive

Goodbye, Russ

I first met Russ Solomon in West Sacramento’s Tower complex in 1984. I’d been working at the company’s TRIP division for a month or two as the chain’s import and indie buyer. Russ’s office was just across the parking lot. My boss, Earl, was married to Frannie, who was Russ’s right-hand woman. When walking into …

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Yo, Old School

Hey, the new Audio Advisor catalog arrived today! And guess what, kids? They’re still treating women like furniture in their photo layouts. It’s like the last fifty years never happened!

Recent Vinyl Intake

Joseph Allred Fire & Earth (Scissor Tail Records US) LP Blind Owl Wilson (self-titled) (Sutro Park US) LP (reissue) Cosey Fanni Tutti Time To Tell (Conspiracy International UK) (clear vinyl) LP (reissue) Julee Cruise Floating Into The Night (Music On Vinyl Netherlands) LP (reissue) CV & Jab – Zin Taylor Thoughts of a Dot as …

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