July 2015 archive

Don Joyce (February 9, 1944 – July 22, 2015)

Don Joyce died last week. He was 71. In 1980 I visited the then-nascent Greenworld Imports in Torrance, CA. I was working music retail, and dropped by Greenworld to pick an order for the Music Plus Long Beach location, where I was a buyer. Greenworld was making a go at competing with east-coast monolith Jem …

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94 degrees and 40% humidity

Yes, it’s a good day to stay inside.

Geek Pulse DAC – Little or No QA or QC?

After shipping it back to LH Labs last week, I heard back about my Geek Pulse X DAC today: Repair Technician Comments: Resistors have been added for proper boot-up Verified Main and MCU are both up to date Passes all tests including AP test and listening test Resistors, after all, not really being optional. Or …

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Recent Vinyl Intake

801 801 Live (Polydor Japan LP – used) Arovane Ve Palor (n5MD US 2xLP) Sibylle Baier Colour Green (Orange Twin/American Dust LP) Biosphere Microgravity (Biophon Norway 3xLP reissue) F.S. Blumm Lichten (Audio Dregs US LP) Harold Budd Bandits Of Stature (Darla US LP) The Durutti Column The Return Of The Durutti Column (Factory Benelux LP …

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Geek Pulse X DAC Arrives…and is Promptly Not Recognized By Laptop

I received my long-awaited, Indiegogo-backed Geek Pulse X DAC last week. Tonight I finally plugged it into my MacBook Pro and couldn’t get it to display as a device in the Sound preference panel. Several reboots didn’t solve the problem, nor did swapping out the USB cable. This doesn’t seem to be an isolated problem …

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