March 2015 archive

Monday Telecommute

Timmy, 11 months old tomorrow, stakes out territory.

Tangerine Dream SACDs from Japan on Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile


I wrote something about something and Part-Time Audiophile went ahead and put it out there again. The latest example of this is my review of four Tangerine Dream SACD reissues from Japan.


I’ve been doing stuff. I went to Mono Lake for a four-day retreat earlier this month. Had a huge Eucalyptus cut down in the backyard last week. Trying to get plants to finally grow beneath where the Eucalyptus used to drop its toxic waste. Working the day job. Relaxing, or trying to. Catching up on …

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Music Lovers SF Burglarized for Second Time This Month

Stereophile has details on the latest high-end audio store burglary in San Francisco. I shop at Music Lovers’ SF and Berkeley locations and have always found their selection and service amazing; they’re knowledgable, friendly people with a lot to offer the high-end community. Let’s hope they, AudioVision and Mountain View’s Audio High (also hit recently) …

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