January 2015 archive

Hertzbeat Over-Ear Headphone Poll

Abel Melaku at Hertzbeat asked 44 audiophile-type bloggers and writers for opinions on their top 3 over-ear headphones. He included me in this poll. I’m flattered to be in such glitzy and knowledgeable company, and grateful he linked back to my blog. Thank you, Abel!

Review: Pass Labs X250.8 power amplifier

The equipment upgrade path in my household steepened in late December of 2014. I thought I was in shape, but I’ve been panting. A lot. I’d been using a Parasound A21 power amplifier for the past couple years. Before that I had a 7.1 Marantz home theater amp, the MM8003. Previous to that, a craptastic …

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Goodbye, Edgar Froese

Thanks for all the albums throughout the years.