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2014 List Noise

COAPTA screesnhot

Tis the season for best-of-2014 lists. In the din and clamor of indulgently long staff-list best-ofs on Pitchfork, artist lists on Boomkat, and self-important blogger bloviating, I thought I’d get in on some of the latter action and add to the noise with my own little rundown of stuff I liked. You can find further …

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PonoMusic World Software Update

There’s been an update of the PonoMusic World application, the software that’s necessary if you want to download music from the Pono Store. The update takes the PMW desktop application from its initial 20.0.35 build to v20.00.42, then .44, and then (I assume this is a recent, non-stable build?) 20.00.45. What does this mean? Here’s …

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Pono Innards – EXPOSED!

Mike Beauchamp has posted the first (so far as I know) teardown analysis of the Pono Player. This SFMH thread brings it all home.

A Bottle In the Virtual Ocean: Pass Labs, Zesto, Acoustic Zen

Does anyone out there have direct experience with any combination of the following? Acoustic Zen Crescendo Mk II speakers Pass Labs X250.5 or X250.8 amp Zesto Leto preamp Zesto Andros preamp I’m mostly curious how the Zestos work with Pass labs’ amps, and how either the amp/preamp would sound with the Acoustic Zen speakers. I’ve …

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Pono Software Update Alert!

This email just arrived with an “ACTION REQUIRED!” subject header. I didn’t use the download link but instead opened the PonoMusic World software and tried the update from within the app. It worked! I’m curious whether this new version of the software offers increased stability, or if changes are limited to Pono Store improvements. Will …

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Pono – Part Four: Followup

I’ve had the PonoPlayer in my sweaty, insatiable hands for twenty days now. The shakedown period is pretty much over. I’ve learned a few more things since my initial, somewhat overheated posts. * I like the detailed way that the Player handles reverb, whether it be a natural room sound or a studio effect. Decay …

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