March 2014 archive

Kerry Leimer Archive Release

In the early eighties, Kerry Leimer’s Closed System Potentials LP was a soundtrack for all sorts of unhealthy activities on my part. His work seemed like a logical (and very hazy) expansion on a lot of the ideas on Eno’s Ambient 4: On Land. The LP pressings were atrocious, but somehow the surface noise just …

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Stars Of The Lid Live In Australia

Stars Of The Lid 98, Drunken Louts 2. A rout.

Pono: “What’s Your Cut?”

If you’ve watched The Good Wife, you know about witness prep. It’s where attorneys run a mini-mock trial with their witness on the imaginary stand, and ask questions…then cross-examine. It’s the best way to see how poised the witness is, and prepare him or her for the best way to bat away curveballs from the …

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Pono Kickstarter Now Up

The Kickstarter page for Neil Young’s Pono project is now live. Pono (the service) will presumably sell FLAC, “although the PonoPlayer can play most popular high-res music formats from other sources”. The unit features headphone and analog-out mini jacks…but no digital outs. Among the premiums: a vanilla (well, black or yellow) model is $300. Engraved/limited …

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Cian Nugent Live at Union Pool, Brooklyn, February 19, 2014

Free download in MP3 or FLAC. It’s free, yeah, but you really should send this NYC Taper guy some flowers, or something. Especially for documenting a wordlessly intense solo twelve-string acoustic version of “Double Horse.” More on Cian Nugent.


Computer Audiophile got an exclusive this morning on the announcement of Neil Young’s Pono high-resolution portable music player and music service. The hardware and service will be elaborated upon at South By Southwest in the coming week, but Kickstarter is a verified element of the launch. The CA thread is a perfect internet audiophile microcosm …

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Helios [various titles] (Unseen Music) FLAC/CD

Keith Kenniff makes music for commercials and corporate presentations. He scored Facebook’s Paper app launch clip and 10-year anniversary “A Look Back” video, and has provided backing music for iPhone spots in the UK. Aside from his commercial work, Kenniff has several musical alter egos. Among them is Helios. Helios is predominately instrumental and synthesizer-based, …

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