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PS Audio DirectStream DAC

As a PerfectWave Mk II w/Bridge owner, I’ll be excited to hear what this is all about. It’s an overhaul of the PerfectWave DAC; the revised hardware will convert PCM to DSD. Yes. Excited. More details in the PS Audio forum.

Christina Vantzou “Nº2” (Kranky LP/CD)

Nº2 is filmmaker/composer Vantzou’s second CD for the Kranky label. Christina grew up in Kansas and Greece and currently lives in Belgium. She works as an SAT math tutor; that’s how (in part, I assume — perhaps some of those sweet Belgian arts grants may’ve played a a part, as well) she funded the four-years …

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iFi nano iDSD – Part Five: A Month Later, and No Desktop Output

The past three weeks have seen a lot of frustration using the iDSD with my Mac laptop and desktop machines. Before that the unit worked okay some of the time, and seemed fairly solid on OS X. But recently I’ve been having trouble getting the device to output audio from three different computers: 2011 Mac …

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Recent LP Acquisitions

…A/K/A playing for time while I procrastinate over another Confessions Of A Part-Time Audiophile post. Stuff I bought over the past month or so and am listening to gradually and might write about at some point but who knows etc: Olafur Arnalds Found Songs 10″ (Erased Tapes, Germany) Neil Hamburger Hot February Night (Drag City) …

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I Had To Wonder: Are We Defined By Our Listening Preferences?

I’m not referring to our choices of music. It’s more about how we listen, and where. It’s that specific musical question that has provoked this: an open letter responding to Stereophile’s Jason Victor Serinus’ recent editorial where he does some serious second-guessing of people who use music to seal themselves off from what he thinks …

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Robert Wyatt Self-interviewed on Pitchfork

Amidst its inexplicably influential kingmaking and empty indierock-speak platitudes, Pitchfork seldom comes up with something amazing. This Robert Wyatt piece is one of those rare things.

Blaze Foley Died 25 Years Ago Today

This is my sweetheart performing one of his songs a couple years ago at an art gallery in Berkeley.