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Bruce Langhorne, Blaze Foley, William Tyler reviewed at COAPTA

Bruce Langhorne "Hired Hand" album art

My second contribution to Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile is now available for reading and goatee-stroking. Go on. You know you want to.

Heather Woods Broderick “From The Ground” LP (2009)

"From The Ground" LP art

I didn’t know about Heather Woods Broderick until I listened to the Broderick and Broderick EP a couple months back. When “Let Me Love You For Free” played and I heard HWB harmonizing with herself while accompanying, long-distance, her brother and father, it became necessary to do some searching. Those searches revealed that Heather has been …

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Filesize comparison chart: MP3 vs FLAC vs WAV vs DSD

Blue Coast Records’ monthly newsletter is linking to a page on that links to a chart (whew) listing filesize comparisons for different audio formats. The chart shows a five minute song encoded to DSD weighing in at over 400mb. Good thing external hard drive space is cheaper than it’s ever been.