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“Why don’t you guys just listen to the music?”

This is the first DSD shootout I’ve seen chronicled online, with units ranging from $850 to $13,000.

Link Dump

As I gear up for my first real vacation in longer than I’d care (or are barely able) to remember, posts are going to slow down for a bit. Here’s some recent links of interest: This repost in Analog Planet looked like it could’ve been written yesterday– until I got to the part about buying …

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I’m gonna start this with some blustery, self-involved credentials. Okay? Good. I’ve been buying, downloading and playing high-resolution digital music files since about 2009, when I bought a PS Audio PerfectWave DAC. Earlier this year I decided there was no turning back, and began ripping LPs to 24/96 via “needle drops” on an old M-Audio …

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Kevin Ayers 1944-2013

Kevin Ayers passed away in his sleep on February 18th. He was 68 years old. MOJO has posted a sincerely touching and thoughtful remembrance. My closest encounter with Kevin was in 1993 at a solo acoustic show at the much-missed Club Komotion in San Francisco. There was a seemingly bottomless glass of (I think) sherry …

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Keith Kenniff “Branches” LP (Village Green, UK)

This 2011 release was just issued on LP for the first time. It appeared in my mailbox today. It was a good day. Keith Kenniff has put his name to a lot of enjoyable music…three of my favorite releases over the past few years, actually: Helios Ayres and Unleft, and The Last Survivor score, among …

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2012 re-revisited: Jóhann Jóhannsson

Last weekend Headphone Commute posted a thoughtful reminder about how wonderful Jóhann Jóhannsson’s Copenhagen Dreams is: melancholy, neo-classical film music at its finest. Like some of Keith Kenniff’s work– The Last Survivor comes to mind– Copenhagen possesses a touch of Satie and breaths of Roedelius and Richter. Lovely. Listen Buy

Mu-ziq “Somerset Avenue Tracks (1992 – 1995)” 2xLP

….my imagination drifts back to a more innocent time where a certain CD diet consisted largely of Vapourspace, Ken Ishii, Irresistible Force, Locust, Aphex Twin… Boomkat is soliciting this exclusive double-LP compilation today, but it doesn’t appear to be on sale yet on its site. Or maybe it sold out already? [updated 2/18/13 12:13PT – …

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That’s so 2012

Since self-importance is timeless, and I’m really trying to move on, honest: here’s some of what I liked best about last year. Deepchord Presents Echospace – Silent World soundtrack 3xLP (Echospace) Field Music – Plumb LP (Memphis Industries) Nils Frahm – Wintermusik LP (Erased Tapes) (reissue) Alexander Turnquist – Like Sunburned Snowflakes 12″ (VHF) Burnt …

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An Introduction – Interests, Conflicts, and Conflicts of Interest

Welcome, and thanks for visiting. On the occasion of my first post here, I’d like to get a bit heavy, if I may. A significant portion of life involves conflict, minor and otherwise– without it we’d be boring, blissed-out protoplasm. How people handle such conflict often determines their quality of life; those who respond to …

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