Recent Acquisitions


The Durutti Column Vini Reilly 2LP+7″ (Factory Benelux, Belgium)

Gentle Giant Octopus (Alucard, EU) (replacement copy)

Gentle Giant Three Friends (Alucard, EU) (replacement copy)

Heaven 17 “[We Don’t Need This] Fascist Groove Thang” b/w “Decline of the West” 12″ (Virgin, UK) (used, replacement copy)

The Higher Intelligence Agency Colourform 2LP (Beyond Records, UK)

The Higher Intelligence Agency Freefloater LP (Beyond Records, UK)

Haruomi Hosono Philharmony SACD (Yen/Sony, Japan)

Rafael Anton Irisarri The North Bend LP (Room 40, Australia)

Rafael Anton Irisarri Peripeteia LP (Dais Records, US)

Clarice Jensen The Experience of Repetition As Death LP (Fat Cat, UK)

Jóhann Jóhannsson Last And First Men 2LP+Blu-ray box set] (Deutsche Grammaphon, Germany)

K Leimer Music for Land and Water | Complete FLAC (Palace of Lights, US)

K Leimer Semblance FLAC (Palace of Lights, US)

K. Leimer / Marc Barreca Chains Of Being LP (Abstrakce Records, Spain)

Bill Nelson The Jewel FLAC (Sonoluxe, UK)

Outer Circle Outer Circle LP (Bemisbrain, US) (replacement copy)

Renaissance Turn of the Cards 3CD+DVD box set (Esoteric America, US)

Max Richter Sleep Remixes (LP) (Deutsche Grammophon, Germany)

Steve Roach Quiet Music 1 LP (Telephone Explosion, Canada)

Steve Roach Quiet Music 2 LP (Telephone Explosion, Canada)

Steve Roach Quiet Music 3 LP (Telephone Explosion, Canada)

Wayne Rogers The Air Below LP (Twisted Village, US)

YMO Technodon SACD (Universal Music, Japan)


AKATOMBO DISCORDIA 2003 – 2020 FLAC (So I Buried Records,Japan)