In the early- to mid-80s, I had a home recording project called Funharm.

It was low-fidelity instrumental dabbling, consisting of synthesizer, tapes, and sometimes guitars. Most of it was improvised; all of it was recorded to cassette. I managed overdubs by jamming a broken Q-Tip across the cassette recorder’s retractable erase head. As you can imagine, hiss became part of the mix. And, I liked to think, part of the charm.

I released two Funharm cassettes in 1983 and 1984. They got a certain amount of coverage in OP/OPTION, Sound Choice and the Contact List of Electronic Music (CLEM). I traded a bunch of copies with like-minded cassette-trading types. Each tape is numbered, and supposedly limited to 100 copies, but still have some left. Imagine that.

After the 1984 tape, Segments, I stopped releasing new music. I kept recording through 1988.

Last year, I digitized both tapes and offered them on Bandcamp. The tapes are for sale on Discogs. Mark Griffey interviewed me earlier this year. I just launched a low-key blog. And, because nothing’s real until it happens on Facebook, there’s that.

I’m going through dozens of old cassettes from the latter (and former) era and working on editing and cleaning up viable tracks, and have some other ideas in the works. I’ll post about any significant developments here and there.