How did YOUR Eno “Apollo” LP reissue arrive?

I never assumed one of Universal’s (excuse me, “uDiscoverMusic’s”) superpowers was adequately packaging an expensive mailorder LP for shipping via UPS. I mean, Universal didn’t get to where it is today by knowing how to ship vinyl, right?

This double-LP was dropped into a too-wide 6-inch-high box along with a rolled lithograph (without a tube; mercifully the poster wasn’t tweaked too badly), with nothing to cushion the LP other than some loose bubble wrap. The box was half-open due to only having the bare minimum of tape to close the flaps. One corner of the flimsy box was torn open. The opposite corner of the box was crushed.

How did the contents fare?

Two corners of the jacket were badly bent, and the LPs were visibly and audibly warped.

Upon further examination, uDiscover’s fulfillment has been farmed out to someone calling itself “Warehousing Pro LLC”. Looks as though someone’s not too good a judge of “Pro.” Or maybe they’re just “pro” at warehousing, and junior-varsity at shipping.


Update [February 17, 2020]: Over six months after this LP showed up trashed, I finally received a “make-good” replacement. It was packed in oversized box exactly like the one from August 2019, with no padding except some bubble wrap that barely filled 1/3rd of the box. Mercifully, and miraculously, the jacket of the album wasn’t beaten up. However, I’ll never order from Universal / The Sound of Vinyl / “Warehouse Pros” again. They obviously don’t care.