How to wall yourself off from the “Roon Radio” cloud . . experience

With the advent of Roon’s 1.6 update, I’ve found my experience to be wanting.

Suddenly, “Roon Radio,” the software’s recommendation engine, gloms onto The Cloud.

It’s not necessarily a cloud I requested drift over my living room, mind you.

If you have your Tidal account linked to Roon, you’re faced with an endless surplus of presumed recommendation once your library selections run themselves out.

After upgrading to 1.6, I found these recommendations to be running approximately 95% awful. I’m not willing to settle for that 5-percent-okay quotient.

Color me insular, or elitist, or whatever term makes you feel better — but I have a decent track record of managing my own particular “music discovery.” I trust my own abilities over Roon’s algorithms.

There’s a reason I don’t use Pandora. Why? Because the significant majority of its results are far below par. I’m not paying Roon $120 a year to similarly disappoint me with an upgrade I didn’t ask for. I find this enabled-by-default, post-upgrade “functionality” to be a bug, not a feature.

How to fix this?

Wait until Roon Radio foists you off to a track you don’t like.

On the bottom bar of Roon, you’ll notice an icon on the left side marked “Queue.” Click it.

Chose “Limit Roon Radio to Library.”

Voila. Roon will no longer follow your chosen selection from Eno’s “Music For Films” with Billy Joel’s “My Life.”