“How Radio Isn’t Done”

My admiration, affection and respect for the work of Don Joyce has been documented here, so I won’t go into further detail about the worth of what he accomplished before he passed away in 2015.

There’s a new documentary out that honors Don Joyce’s Over The Edge and work with Negativland. It’s called How Radio Isn’t Done and can be streamed for 99 cents on Amazon and Vimeo.

I enjoyed it very much (well, not very much. The final 30 minutes are heartbreaking). The interview segments with Don and members of Negativland are illuminating and touching. The only thing I would’ve changed are the animated waveform overlays that accompanied many of the Over The Edge audio clips during the first half; the visuals were inordinately distracting. I found it helpful to close my eyes during those segments of the film.

Joyce’s hermitic life might seem insular to the uninitiated. But the legacy of Over The Edge belies any such characterization. His work drew people in and engaged them — both in terms of audience participation, and his uniquely focused efforts to embrace and push radio to and beyond its highest potential.

I hope Don will be remembered not as a reclusive eccentric, but for what he accomplished in the realm of satire, art and entertainment.

You can browse, search, stream and download an overwhelming archive of Over The Edge episodes on archive.org